Meet Foster

Foster Records is a homegrown record label out of the metro-Detroit area with the intention and power to turn an artist’s vision into a reality.
— Nathanael Zuellig (Co-Founder)
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The Foster Records Team at the 734 Brewery, Ypsilanti, MI

The Label and its Origins


Foster Records is a collaboration between four Ypsilanti based artists and friends, Nathanael Zuellig (Ch'i Machines), Griffin Schultz (Baby Fangs), Jerry Heiss (Jeremiah Mack & the Shark Attack), and Matt Wagner (really cool guy). The label focuses on artist development and management, as well as music and multimedia production.

Foster Records was born over cups of coffee when we realized that the path to success was spreading us too thin. We started by combining our talents and then recruiting the talented among us. Together, we elevate each other's musical vision.

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The Label

Nathanael Zuellig

Artistic Development

Griffin Schultz

Visual Communications

Jerry Heiss

Videographer, Web Designer

Matt Wagner

Promotional Manager